Technology Supports for Program Management


Utilizing the Edu-Doc© comprehensive multi-module system, HPC can:

  • Coordinate and manage your school district’s daily operations of its Medicaid School Program
  • Collect, review and analyze service documentation for compliance with federal regulations and state administrative rules
  • Train district provider staff and administrators on ever changing regulations and program rules via comprehensive video training tools
  • Ensure timely and accurate HIPAA compliant billing and reimbursement procurement
  • Ensure compliance with all Ohio MSP administrative requirements BEFORE claims submission
  • Generate online management reports to provide District Management administration staff with real time provider reports
  • Provider documentation system training videos available 24/7, featuring subject specific training on all components of the system
  • MSP Policies and Procedures and training material links for quick provider access 24/7
  • Policy compliance module to track and monitor requirements for ORP referrals, parent consent and management reports

HPC has continued to evolve over the past quarter century of its business operations, utilizing current technology solutions to support its clients, with the goals of minimizing provider documentation time and manager oversight. The Technology solutions provided in our most current software applications include the following benefits:

  • Service Documentation, Administration and Billing System designed by medical, education and systems professionals to meet the needs of school based Medicaid billing programs. Dedicated programming team to maintain and update the system as changing regulations require
  • Electronic Signature Capability for provider staff and their supervisors, when required (OT & PT)
  • Automated service encounter/claims generation, saving endless hours of service provider’s time every month
  • Automated/integrated administrative requirements ease management burden and ensures regulatory compliance
  • Administrative portal in Edu-Doc© management module for special education managers to track parent consent, saving paperwork management time and storage space, and therapy referrals