Maximizing available reimbursement levels

in the Medicaid School Program is no simple feat. Since 1993, HPC’s experience in Ohio’s Medicaid School Program has resulted in OVER $390,000,000 in reimbursement to HPC clients.

What Is Our Purpose?

To guide and assist Public School Districts in navigating the challenging and complex process of obtaining Medicaid compliant reimbursement to offset the high cost of delivering quality services to its special education students requiring health services in a school setting. Managing this process for its clients, HPC offers the requisite knowledge, expertise, technology and business tools to operate a School Medicaid Program on behalf of its clients. This comprehensive service permits education managers the time to focus on their primary purpose, serving their students, without the additional management burdens of a complex medical billing program that is outside the education management field.




Administrative Services

A dedicated account manager and assistant are assigned to each client to personally oversee your district’s Ohio Medicaid School Program (MSP).

Consulting Services

We guide and assist with federal and state compliance on Medicaid billing requirements and provide comprehensive, ongoing training on Ohio Medicaid School Program rules and regulations.

Technology Support

We provide unlimited training and support to ensure your staff has the tools needed to minimize service documentation time and maximize time with their students.

Proprietary Software

Our proprietary, custom web-based documentation system software, Edu-Doc©, automatically creates the claim documentation for your therapists while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Billing Operations

Experience with Medicaid’s complex billing requirements and processing regulations enables us to expertly coordinate all activities required to manage the daily operations of your Ohio Medicaid School Program (MSP).

Financial Services

Knowing the financial status of your Medicaid program is critically important, especially when your district’s operating budget has accounted for annual Medicaid reimbursements.